This Booking system is for Paid Thendara Members Only

Members do not try to login.   You do not need to be logged in to create a reservation.

The following are general rules for booking a visit to Thendara Mountain Club Camp T-20.

Please read the Camp Procedures Page for more information

  1. Bring a mask and hand sanitizer each time you come to camp.
  2. Sign a COVID-19 waiver and date at each visit to camp
  3. Pay day fee at signup via PayPal, or pay at camp when signing in.
  4. One two-hour swim slot per person per day. Family members must be listed individually..
  5. One two-hour picnic area slot per person per day.
  6. Two swim safety supervisors required for each swim session. When signing up for a swim time slot, indicate whether you are a swim supervisor. Swim supervisor course available on the TMC website.
  7. No more than four hours total at camp on any given day. Unlimited hours for hikers parking on lower driveway (out of view of gate). Hikers may use outhouse.
  8. Please sign up for only one weekend day, Saturday or Sunday to allow more members access. Daily weekday use acceptable.
  9. Signup available for the next two weeks.
  10. No guests at this time due to restricted numbers.
  11. Click on “Book a Visit” above to make your reservation or “Existing Registrations” to see what is available.

This plan is a work in progress. Please let board members know how you think it is working through the Feedback page.

Feel free to call Kathy Haake, Cathy Veit or Hope Rogers if you need immediate help.