Thendara Mountain Club Procedures during 2020 Pandemic

Phase 1 – Picnic/Grounds, Outhouse, Swimming safety plan

Phase 2 – Boating, Bunkhouse and Camping safety plan

Phase 3 – Overnight

Reopening stages

Thendara Mountain Club will be reopening after being closed since early March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The club will be reopening in three stages. Following are rules and guidelines for Phase 1 and Phase 2 opening.  Phase 1 opens picnic tables, outhouse and the swimming area.  Phase 2 opens the boat dock, bunk house and camping. These openings have been approved by the Orange County Department of Health (DOH) and the Park.

Sleeping overnight in the lodge and lodge use will be the 3rd Phase. These procedures will remain in effect until we are informed otherwise by DOH and Park.

As of now, the DOH has limited us to a total number of 30 people at camp at one time.


Taking preventative measures

– The DOH requires masks to be worn unless we maintain a distance of 6 feet apart.

– Adhere to CDC precautions: Stay home if you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath.

– Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, and try not to touch your face.

– Wash hands often, for 20 seconds, and use hand sanitizer when you are not able to wash your hands.

Follow the sign-up sheet procedure on Thendara website

– A sign-up procedure is available on the Thendara website or

– You can sign up for a 2-hour time slot for each area: boating swimming, and picnic area/grounds.

– You can sign up for overnight in the bunk house or camping.

– We ask that you do not sign up for more than 4 hours at camp in a given day and only one 2-hour time slot for swimming per day.

– We ask that you not sign up for both Saturday and Sunday in any weekend, as we want to give everyone a chance to enjoy camp who wants to this summer.

– Overnight begins at 8pm.  If you wish to arrive sooner please sign up for another area.

– If you are staying overnight, limit your camp activities to one day.

– Two weeks of the schedule will be posted at a time.

– Each family member should be entered individually in a time slot.

– Indicate when you sign up for swimming whether you are a safety supervisor.

– If someone decides you can’t attend, please remove your name from the time slot so that someone else can have it. Providing 24 hours notice will help others make their plans.

No Guests At This Time

Unfortunately, we are not allowing guests to come to camp, to allow space and time for more Thendara members to attend.  This can change if we find there is room.

COVID-19 Waiver

All participants entering the camp must sign a waiver which is specific to COVID-19. Waivers will be in the sign-in box next to the kitchen door. Waivers must be signed when arriving at camp not on line.

If you suspect you have COVID-19 after you have visited camp

Promptly notify Thendara Mountain Club via email if within 14 days of visiting camp you, or a family member, subsequently get sick with, or test positive for COVID-19, experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 including with or without limitation to fever, cough, or shortness of breath or have a suspected case of COVID -19.

The Thendara Mountain Club Corresponding Secretary, Hope Rogers is to be contacted and will confidentially contact the Department of Health and anyone who was at the facility that day. Hope’s email address is

The camp will be closed for 5 (five) days after this notice.  After five days, a complete cleaning will be done of all areas of the camp.

Day fees

– All fees and camp rules still apply.  So please be sure to sign in at the sign in book to the right of the kitchen door.

– Use PayPal if possible. You will be able to do this when you register in advance.

– It is suggested that you bring your own pen to camp so you will not need to touch the shared pen.

Log books

-We will also have log books at the various stations at camp: swimming, boating, picnicking, outhouse and bunkhouse. This will help the board know who may have been exposed if someone who was at camp finds out that they have COVID-19 within 14 days of their camp visit.

Wear a Mask

-Wear a face mask anytime you are in an enclosed space or may be within 6 feet of another person such as when inside the outhouse, bunkhouse, on the trail to the waterfront and on the swim dock ramp.

– Bring your own face mask to camp. There will be a supply at camp in case a mask is lost, damaged or someone forgets to bring a mask.  The supply will be, in the outdoor refrigerator, however we hope that most people will have their own.

– Wear the mask properly over the mouth and nose.

– Do not wear masks when swimming but do maintain 6 feet from others.

Disinfectants and hand sanitizers

– Disinfectants and hand sanitizers will be at various spots at camp. The disinfectant sprays are 80% alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and glycerin. Spray and let air dry.

– Hand sanitizer will be available throughout camp but please bring your own to limit our costs.

Entrance Gate

– The gate lock must be locked, not fake locked, at all times. At this busy time, many people who are not affiliated with camp are looking for parking and we cannot allow them to park on our grounds.

– If you do not have a gate combination, you will need to have a member who does have the gate combination open the gate for you.

– Do not share the gate combination with friends or members who have not completed the workshops.

– Use hand sanitizer before and after touching lock and gate, or wear gloves.


– Limit of one person at a time on each side of the outhouse.

– Wear a mask when in the outhouse.

– During busy times it is fine to leave the doors open to increase ventilation bring in more fresh air.

– Spray seat and areas touched after use and let air dry.

– Enter compliance into cleaning log that cleaning has been done.

– If you are only hiking and not on the RSVP list please sign your name and time on log as record of who used outhouse.  Only those who won’t be signing into the main sign in book.

– Use hand sanitizer and then wash hands in outdoor sink.

Outside Sinks

– Two outside sinks have been installed next to the outhouse and next to the porch.

– Please be sure the water is off after use.

– The outhouse sink is supplied by a hose so is not for drinking.

– The porch sink is supplied with an approved water supply line so is safe for drinking.

– Paper towels will not be supplied at the outdoor sinks.

– Outside sinks are for hand washing only, not for food/dish washing.  This is to limit the spread of the virus and prevent attracting bugs and animals.

Picnic Tables

– No more than two individuals at one table, sitting at opposite corners of table, or one. If family or family or “social bubble.”, then more can sit at one table.

– The grill can be used. Bring your own utensils, plates, cups, napkins, cups, condiments, charcoal.

– Outside sink only for handwashing only; NO washing of dishes, etc.

– Use hand sanitizer before and after opening and touching the refrigerator.

– Clean and sanitize picnic table after use. Spray the tables with the disinfectant and let it air dry.

– Enter compliance into cleaning log.

– Bring garbage bags to pack out all trash, left-over food, and recyclables as we do not want to attract bears to camp!

– Carry out garbage, as we will not have hosts to manage the disposal of garbage.

– The lodge will remain closed until we are able to move to the next phase.

– Screened porch should only be used by no more than 4 people and masks should be worn if 6-foot distancing is not possible.

Fire Ring at lodge

– You can use the fire ring but maintain proper social distancing.

– We recommend you bring your own chair.

– Do not leave fire unattended

– Gallons of water are near the grill.

– Put out fire COMPLETELY before you leave. Absolutely no red embers should remain, as campfires can easily restart if left hot.

– Refill water bottles with water from the sink so that they do not blow away and are ready for the next person to use.

– Spray benches with disinfectant and let air dry.


– Please park below, or on, the utility line access road but provide space for utility trucks to access.

– Only those who have registered should park near the lodge.

– Outhouse use is permitted.

– Day fee is not required for parking and hiking only.

– Please do not visit the picnic area as this will exceed our limitations on attendees.

Swim Dock

           Sign in

– Sign in your name, and child(ren)’s names into the log book, with start and end times. This sign-in book will be with the Safety Supervisor’s notebook. This is necessary so we can identify participants if it is discovered someone becomes ill with COVID-19 within 14 days of their visit.


            Safety Supervisors

– A Safety Supervisor is required to be on the dock when people are swimming.

– If you have not yet taken the training, you can find it on the Thendara website at

– There should be at least two supervisors for each 2-hour time slot, so the supervisors can split the time.

– Indicate when you register online if you are a safety supervisor with an “*” next to your name.

– Bring your own whistle. If you use the shared whistle, disinfect before you use it.

– Emergency phone is in bunkhouse.


– Maximum of 8 in the swim area, including those in the water and those on the dock.

– Maintain 6-foot distancing on the dock and when in water.

– Maximum of one two-hour time slot per day per person.

– Do not wear masks when swimming as a wet mask can restrict breathing and may be less effective.

– CDC recommends that parents consider if their children are capable of staying at least 6 feet apart from people they don’t live with before taking them to a public aquatic venue.

– Be considerate and communicate with one another. There may be a very wide range of ages at the dock at one time, so we all need to respect each other by maintaining the 6-foot distance so that everyone can remain safe and healthy.

– If there are gaps in the schedule, people can feel free to stay longer in the swimming area.

– No more than 5 people can be on the dock at one time and still maintain 6 foot social distancing.

– “6-Foot” markings have been painted on the benches and dock so people are able to estimate the appropriate distance.

– The exception is with families or social bubbles on the dock. For example, two families each of 4 could be on the dock at one time.


– Spray swim ladders with the disinfectant spray and let air dry after each two-hour shift or as needed.

– It is not required to disinfect wood. Do not spray benches or dock.

– Enter compliance into cleaning log.

– Lounge chairs, pool noodles, and kickboards have been removed from the waterfront to reduce the objects that need to be disinfected, and to reduce the spread of the virus.

– If you or your child requires a PDF, bring your own to assure the correct size.  Otherwise, please closely follow the daily use protocol for the pdf’s in the storage area.

         Management of safety equipment:

– Supervisor to bring out and put away ring, pole, yellow board, backboard and first aid kit.

– Please be sure someone arrives for the next shift on the dock before leaving. If not, safety equipment will need to be put away in the box so that it is not left out on the dock all night.

– Disinfect equipment and hands before touching the safety equipment to put it back in the box at the end of the day.

– Disinfectant and hand sanitizer should be stored in the box along with the safety equipment.


PHASE 2: Boating and Overnight in Bunkhouse or Camping



– RSVP prior to arriving online on Thendara website.

– Max of 6 people will be able to sign up for boating in one two-hour time slot.

– Boats can be used any day but Thursday.

– PFDs must air out for 60 hours in between uses. – No Boating on Thursday!

– Take a PFD from the UNUSED section which has the current day of the week written on it.

– Return PFD to the USED section.

– We strongly recommend that you bring your own PFD.

– Keys to the boathouse will be given to the members who have earned their house keys only.

– Members with a boathouse key should indicate that they have a boathouse key next to their name when they sign up online.

– If you are a member with a boathouse key, we ask that you cooperate with the members who do not have boathouse keys. Do not lock the boathouse if anyone is still out in a boat.

– First boater to open boat house in morning must move “USED” PFDs to “UNUSED” rack.

– Check sign-in log to confirm you are the first boater; follow signage and instructions posted.

– Canoes and kayaks are available.

– Sailboat are not available – insurance was not paid by the club this year due to expense.

– Maintain 6-ft. physical distancing at all times.

– Every boater is required to sign the log book upon arrival and when leaving the boating area. Sign-in log is kept in the boathouse.

– Disinfection of boat, paddles and PFDs must be entered in cleaning log. Cleaning log is kept in boathouse.

– Disinfectant spray bottles at the waterfront are composed of 70% alcohol and 30% water.

– Max of two boaters at a time on each side of boathouse.

– Max of two boaters at a time on the beach launch.

– Max of two boaters at a time on boat dock.

– Double kayaks – limit usage to 2 individuals belonging to one household or social bubble.

– Wear face mask at all times when inside the boathouse.

– Spray disinfectant on commonly touched parts of the boat and paddles before and after boating.

– Wearing a mask is encouraged when spraying.

– To limit the spread of germs, you are encouraged to bring your own PFDs.

– Use hand sanitizer before and after use of boats, paddles and PFDs.

– Disinfect boathouse lock and keys before and after use.

– No need to disinfect wooden benches as per CDC guideline.

– After boating, always return boat, paddles and PFDs to boathouse.

– Return PFDs to the boathouse at designated area for “USED” PFDs only. PFDs are to be used one time per day, sprayed with alcohol, then hung to dry in boathouse for at least 60 hours.

– Follow instructions for PFD storage; take from “Unused” area and return to “Used”.

– If you are the last person at the boathouse please lock it.

– Before locking boathouse, check the boating log to assure all boats have been returned to boathouse

– Be careful not to lose the key while boating. Prepare for how you will handle this.

– Follow all regular boating rules that are posted at the boathouse.

Bunkhouse and Camping

– Maximum of 8 members overnight.

– RSVP prior to arriving online on Thendara website.

– Overnight begins at 8pm.  If you wish to arrive sooner please sign up for another area.

– Reserve picnic area to cook dinner or breakfast.

– When staying overnight, limit your camp activities to one day.

– Indicate when you RSVP whether you will be staying in the bunkhouse or in a tent.


– No more than two people sleeping on each side of the bunk house.

– Use bunks at most distance from each other

– If family or social bubble, max of 5 (five) on one side.

– To reduce spread of the virus, bring your own sleeping pad.

– Spray mattress before and after use and let air dry.

– Mattresses are to be left on bunks to allow air drying of disinfectant.

– Disinfect hands before and after touching bunks, mattresses and door handles.

– No food in bunkhouse to prevent attracting mice and/or bears.

– Bring own pillow and blanket as lodge will be closed.

– Sweep floor after use.

– Spray door handles as necessary.


– Set up tents to maintain social distancing, best if 15 feet apart.

– Maximum of four tents in Thendara designated camping area.

– Please use the outhouse, do not defile the forest with TP.

– Reserve picnic area for cooking.

– Take dirty dishes home for washing.

– If necessary, washing should be with a basin AWAY FROM picnic and camping areas.

– Fires only allowed in the existing fire ring.

– Assure ample water is available for extinguishing fire before starting.

– Please pack out all trash to dumpster at gate.




Lodge can be used by prior reservation Fri-SunTues-Thurs, and again Fri-Sun. No one is allowed to use the lodge on Mondays or on Thursdays after 10 a.m. in order to allow for complete ventilation. Upon leaving, open specified windows to achieve this (see below).


  •  A maximum of 10 people overnight, including in the lodge, bunkhouse and camping.
  • No guests in the lodge at this time—members only.
  • Members should take their temperature at home before coming to camp.
  • Disinfect hands outdoors with available sanitizer immediately before entering the lodge. Enter and exit through door by washrooms, not kitchen.
  • Disinfect all surfaces, as well as doorknobs, faucets, handles and tables, with alcohol spray at the beginning and end of your stay.
  • Wear a mask at all times except when eating and sleeping.
  • Weekend organizer must ensure that all members of the group sign a COVID waiver for the 2-day period.
  • Upon arrival, open kitchen shutters and various windows to provide for ventilation and large window over back porch.
  • Keep lodge ventilated whenever possible.


  • One person per sleeping room, except for couples/families.
  • Bring your own sheets/blankets/sleeping bag and pillows.
  • After overnight, wipe with alcohol spray – mattresses, shelves and tables in each sleeping area.
  • When sleeping, keep doors closed as much as possible given cold temperatures.
  • Encourage people to use back porch, bunk house, and tents.


  • One person per washroom at a time. Spray/wipe down faucets and sinks with alcohol after using.
  • No showers.
  • No indoor brushing of teeth (spreads germs). Go outside with a cup to brush.


  • One person per side at a time. Wipe down seat after using.
  • Please use hand sanitizer before reentering the lodge


  • No more than two people in the kitchen at any time. No through traffic inside kitchen. Two people to cook and two more later to clean.
  • Anyone working in the kitchen must wear a mask.
  • Food preparers must wash hands between preparing different dishes. Food preparers must wash hands before re-entering the kitchen.


  • Six people can eat at the spread-out tables (see diagram A)
  • Others can sit in chairs, couch and even their rooms. If not too cold, utilize the back porch.
  • People should wash hands before serving themselves and wear masks when serving themselves.


To maintain continuous ventilation of the lodge when lodge is closed and not in use for overnight stay:

  • Open east (host room side) bedroom windows from the top, 6-8 inches, with screens in the top portion.  Close west bedroom windows for security.
  • Open kitchen windows but close window shutters for safety.
  • Open the big ventilation window above the stove in kitchen.
  • Open the small windows below the large window facing the back porch, but lock the shutters.
  • Open all bedroom doors when lodge is not in use.
  • On Thursday mornings, vacate the lodge by 10 a.m.


The overnight fee for this period will be $15 per person per night, but with a minimum payment of $75 per night for the entire group (So groups of 4 will pay $18.75 per person).


The kitchen door will be locked with a combination padlock (as well as the usual lodge key lock). A day or two before each organized overnight, the organizer will be given the combination to the padlock. At the end of each overnight, each organizer must ensure that both the lodge key lock and the combination padlock are securely locked. The combination will be changed every few weeks.

***THIS PLAN IS A TRIAL.*** If it works out, we can adjust and continue having overnight stays. Following the rules will be essential for a successful outcome.

***A helpful mnemonic: the Five W’s:***

  • Wear a mask.
  • Watch your space.
  • Wash your hands.
  • When sick, stay home.
  • Wipe down commonly touched surfaces.


If you would like to share any feedback on these procedures once you have visited camp, please feel free to reach out to the board.  We would like to continually improve the process where possible.

Kathy Haake,
Kevin Broderick,
Cathy Veit,
Hope Rogers,
Clare Kersten,
Bill Winter,
Bill Lee,
Ana Castillo,
Peter Bobrow,